Little boxes

Hi i want to make little wood box 35mm*33mm in 45mm deeep.
Iwant to know what type of milling bit i need to use and what the daimeter?

1/8" flat bit and/or ball nose will work.
1/4" as well.
2 flute straight bits, up cut / down cut / compression cut :slight_smile:

What you got?

I got the 2 flute strajght bit.
4 flute bit is ok to?

To make an effective box
Use of a larger bit first will hog out most of the material.
You then go to a smaller bit to do more of the finishing.
If you want corners you will have to invest in some sharp chisels to carefully carve the corners.
You can opt to use a 10° V-bit to get the corners towards the top so it looks nice but if you want the corner to go all the way down the chisels will have to do.
I do a lot of small items and I use larger bits to cut out larger areas and work my way down.
Some of what I do I may use 3 bits and 4 passes.

Thx you are using the 2 step in easel?