Little carving issue at base of carve

Slight chatter carving this one, but only when it’s moving at a certain angle. Carving red oak, started at 40ipm, 9ipm plunge, and .028 per pass. That speed performed best on a straight bar test, between 40ipm, 35ipm, and 30ipm as far as chip size and edge cleanliness. Paused the carve, slowed to 35, still did it, turned down to 28(easel’s suggested). At 28ipm I still got decent chips, and bit wasn’t hot at finish so I guess it’s not bad.

I noticed a quick movement where the pencil is pointing, like it jumped over to sort of notch for the beginning of the next pass. After that little jump is where the shutter was, but even slowed down it had a very slight shutter. The surface had slight machine marks until slowed down and most of the shutter went away, but still had a slight bit on that angle up and to the right. I’m think material may have something to do with that as well after reading many people’s thoughts on red oak.

Pretty happy with how it turned out. Anyone else think the issue may have been a combination of to fast of a feed rate at 35-40ipm and material? I’m definitely thinking of stiffening up both axis, and adding a bit of stiffness to the table to avoid some vibration from it.


Check this out:

Thanks! Looks like a good read. I’ll check that out tonight after the mini me goes to bed.

Yep! Better believe I laughed when I got the request!!

Wow, I never would have guessed those speeds. I looked around and saw some saying they got good results at different speeds on red oak. I saw a couple in the 55ipm range, but that was all.
As for the nodes, I hadn’t thought of that one. I’ll definitely check that out! That’s one aspect I’m still trying to figure out. Thanks!

Sounds like I’ll be speeding things up a bit lol. Stepped on a dang 1/16" bit yesterday and broke it. That’s my excuse for ordering a couple 1/32", 1/16", and some 1/8 and 1/4". Everything I got with my xcarve was upcut. Ordering downcut for these bits.