Little tuning issue?

Sorry if this is a simple question that I might have overlooked in the forum.

I had my X-carve up and running, THEN I moved it. I thought I set everything up right again, BUT now when I carve the depth is perfect starting in the 0,0 (bottom left) then as I go out the depth keeps getting shallower (top and to the right–cutting deeper into the project). Something isn’t set up correctly (not level?), but how do I adjust the scrap board to correct the issue…or are there adjustments on the rails I can use.

Any help would be great.

I would guess something slipped if a nut wasn’t tightened enough on a rail. If you measure the rail heights from the wakeboard surface, in the 4 corners i suspect 1 or 2 are off from the others. as you point out the front left is correct so they should all match that.


This is a good video to watch, no for the pony beads but for the tuning of the X-Carve. The table that your X-Carve is sitting on needs to be flat or that could cause problems with getting your X-Carve tuned properly.

Thank you all…back in business!

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