Live code feature

I’d like to see a ‘Gcode’ feature added to Easel similar to how other gcode sending apps work when interacting with the machine ‘live’.

Below is a screen grab from UGS 1.09. You can enter ‘Commands’ and receive immediate output from the controller. A ‘$$’ will return all of the current tag settings. (you guys know all this)

How about a menu item in Easel that will open a similar window and let us interact directly and set commands like we would in UGS? Easel is not quite a ‘one-stop shop’ for complete CNC ability on the XCarve, I still need something else to configure and set it up; hence the need for UGS.

is this the same as you are requesting?


Most likely…but why is it buried 3 levels deep? The Easel interface needs some work; coders aren’t the same as designers.


Short cut:
CTRL+SHIFT+D :smiley:


can not answer for sure as I did not design this program, but from reading this forum I can say that some are overwhelmed with the easel interface as it is. if they keep adding more and more to this then it becomes even more intimidating to new users. So they have the function available just need to learn the basics and then explore out. Hope this makes sense as everyone was new at some time and easel is one of the easiest to use CAD/CAM programs I have ever seen.

CMD+SHIFT+D on my Mac…and it works!!!