Loading Picsender

Can someone please help! I am trying to install Picsender on my computer. It is asking for the G code file. I am not sure where this file would be located. Would this be where I saved my toolpaths after I completed the drawing in V Pro? Or is it located in Easel?

It’s asking for your gcode directory where your gcode files are saved on your PC.

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Thank you for your response. I may not be asking the right question. I have only saved toolpath files from V Carve before I sent the project to Easel. I saved these files in Dropbox? Is this my G code file? Sorry about the confusion.

You don’t need to set the Gcode Dir, but if you don’t, the Editor will not be available to edit your gcode files if needed.

If your Dropbox is saving gcode files online, create a directory C:\Gcode on your PC with the Gcode Dir. in PicSender for loading those gcode files from there.

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Thank you for your help.