Local high school asking for help

Local high school got a Bailegh 2720. Shop teacher is not happy with the program and was asking for my help. Big question, can he use easel with this machine? TIA for help!

Easel can be used to design projects that can then be exported as Gcode. However, I’m not sure if that could then be used on other machines. Perhaps others in this forum can answer that.

It appears the Baileigh has some of its own proprietary software, and it doesn’t say it’ll accept exported Gcode in the description. That doesn’t mean that it can’t, but it just doesn’t say so. I would recommend that your teacher get familiar with a 3d CAd program…Fusion 360 or Rhino as an example. He/or She could very well could have been taught 3 D CAD already in college these days. I use Rhino3d and bought an educator copy back when I was teaching12-15 years ago. It would be nice to take advantage of the 3D capabilities of your machine. Easel isn’t 3D design software but it can run 3D design code from what people mention here.

This document seems to suggest that the higher end Balliegh tables run G-code. I would guess the table top units do too. If the software that your friend is dissatisfied with is “UCANCAM”, that software exports G-code. Also, since the projects are sent to the 2720 using a USB memory stick, you could look on that stick and see if the files look like G-code (M and some numbers or G and some numbers etc.)

While that unit has a good sized T-track bed, the spindle is 200 watts which will need to take its time going through most materials.

Easel can export G-code which you can load on the stick and try in the machine. Easel also has some degree of customization for its start and end of G-code files so if there are things that the 2720 does for every project (like homing or spindle on/off) you could set that up in Easel.

I don’t have an X-Carve. I run a Techno-Isel DaVinci III. However, I have created projects in X-carve, exported the G-Code and run that on my CNC. I find Easel very friendly to use, especially for my grade-school aged children who can do designs there but cannot yet work with Vectric.