Location, location, location!

Since we are such a large community (global), I’m curious to see where everyone is from. Who knows maybe you’ll find someone local or on the other side of the world that you can connect with. Reply with where your from!

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Auckland, New Zealand

I live in Raeford, NC, which is about an hour and a half south of Raleigh, NC.

Kennesaw Georgia,

(why do posts need to have 20 characters?)

I am in Richmond, VA. I don’t have a machine yet, but will be ordering one soon

Currently in Northern VA…originally from WI

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada!!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! Eh…

I’m in Lilburn, GA which is about 15 minutes north of Atlanta.

Good to see a fellow Canadian!

Brigantine, New Jersey
the small island right next to Atlantic City

Topeka, Kansas. Waiting on my X-Carve!

from London UK
waiting to upgrade my shapeoko 2 to x-carve
will let people know how much UK customs charge and shipping time, if people need for an idea of overall cost.
Inventables prices are simple but UK customs can depend on if the UK customs guy (or girl) gets a biscuit with their tea in the morning :slight_smile:

Western Massachusetts checking in!

I guess I’ll rep Inventables itself: CHICAGO!

I’m also waiting for my X-Carve upgrade kit!!! Do the customs fee get pretty pricey in the UK?

post to uk last time was about this

all prices are approximate (and rounded to nearest note)

inventables cost with UPS int shipping of around the $55 range
inventables $396 = £265
UK Customs $86 = £57

so thats approximately 20%
so when I actually think about it over here there would be a 20% vat charge proberley not so bad

I am from Midland Texas waiting impatiently for my xcarve

Sanger, California near Fresno

Ya, I am eagerly waiting for my machine. Do you have one already or are you somewhat new to this as well?