Lock Motors; Menu sizes

Good evening! Was away for a few weeks, finally got back in the garage. Updated Easel with new driver. 2 issues noticed:

  1. Motors do not lock anymore for bit changes, lost a zero after a 4.5 hour roughing pass. How to fix this?

  2. The pop up windows, such as the cut/shape, the carve menu, etc. are much smaller now, so small that I can’t easily read the numbers. How do I increase the size of these back to what they were?

Please note, I’m just a dude in his garage doing this for hobby, family, and a few paid projects now and then when I want a new tool or bit. Probably going to have to break the explanation down Barney-style for me.


I suggest doing this: (if your cnc is not an X-Carve then only the $1 needs changed, the dip switch change is only for the X-Carve) once this change is made the “lock” and “unlock” buttons in Easel should no longer be used.

this is typical of your browser zoom function being zoomed out. you can press Ctrl+0 to reset to default

Excellent, the motors are locking as they should now, thank you!

There was no change to the pop up window sizes, regardless of how much I zoom in. They are still about a third smaller than they were; all that happened is the browser information at the top got larger.

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