Loctite 220

Hey guys

I’m new here so go easy on me if this is annoying. I can’t seem to find some Loctite 220 anywhere!!! Any ideas where I can get some? When I do find it, it is being sold for an obnoxious price. I want 220 because it uses capillary action so it can be applied to assembled bolts/nuts. Thanks!

Amazon is where I got it, cost me 13.33 or somewhere in that ball park.

About $8 on Amazon with Prime free shipping

It says its over $30…am I missing something here?

This is what I am seeing, are you in the US?

Yes…from US. That’s excatly what I’m seeing. it says its $33.41. The $8.00 one is for loctite 290.

I was looking at the Loctite 222 for $7.94.

The Loctite people must be very proud of the the wicking formula. It is at least $30 everywhere I look.

Cheaper to buy the nylon locknuts

Interesting, on July 9, 2015 my Loctite 37388 220 Blue, 10 ml bottle sold by Techni-Tool for $13.33 was delivered to my doorstep.

If I knew how to insert the web page like Allen I would have done so. but that is what I paid.

I bought the 290 last weekend and applied to a couple of eccentric nuts that kept loosening, then ran a rather tough test in aluminum. It seems to wick well enough.