Log carving

I get the Z-axis is going to be a challenge but wanted to see if anyone has already put together files that are similar to the picture? I am a huge fan of Angry Orchard Beer and like their beer taps and log (tree faces). I have some simple 4x4 treated posts that I was thinking I may be able to cut with the x-carve. Thoughts from the community? Even better- any one done this already and willing to share the file?


I’d almost be tempted to make a special waste board for it, with a cutout to hold the log 75% below the table. Then just carve on the exposed upper part! Seems like it’d be doable enough…

Good point on changing the waste board. In this case, I think I can find small enough post to fit under the z-axis and bit. I am curious if anyone has a basic file that I could start from that has the contours/curves involved. I am still learning easel and haven’t quite seen that capability…not sure if it is there or I am just still working through the newbie stage…

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As far as I am aware, this kind of 3d profiling is completely outside of Easel’s capability. For something like this, you’d need to go to a proper solid model and CAM solution. I chose MeshCAM for my uses, it will import STL solid models from any source. :smile:

This is exactly what i want to use a CNC for. I posted in another forum about rigging something up to make the Z axis more space I dont need it to travel more just need space for a bigger log to sit. I think a splitable table and then something that can raise and lower in the space like a router liftable table i want to do like 8-12 inch logs and try to sell them stuff like that sells like hot cakes around here.

Choaf- have you already created a file? Without modifiying my current wasteboard, I think I could find some small enough logs to test run the process on the x-carve. I see DanBrown noted to look at meshcam. I am slowly (extremely slow) learning the different software tools. Easel has been a blessing as it is very easy to work with.

No I havent made any files. I still havent ordered a machine yet. I love the idea of Easel but for what we want to do i can see we will need to just get another program and do straight G-code through some other program.