Log in to easel problems

Why do I have to reset my Easel Pro every time I log in to get it to function. Once it gets reset then it works ok ?? Please help. I have saved the settings numerous times and still I have to reset it.

This is the problem of driver 0.3.13 use old version 0.3.11 this is working good?

Hi @MichaelSneed,
We have released a new version of Easel Driver which is addressing the issue you are describing. Announcement is available at Easel Driver 0.3.14 released
Could you download the new version https://easel.inventables.com/downloads and see if your issue is resolved?


Thank You for the info… So far working good…

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I recently upgraded easel firmware and GRBL to 1.1g. That particular GRBL version does not work with PIC Sender software that I use for the laser. Any way I can reinstall previous version of GRBL? 1.1f?