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Freehand was Aldus Freehand, then Macromedia Freehand, which was a port of Altsys Virtuoso back to Windows/Mac OS at version 4. It was one of the early Bézier curve drawing programs, and IMO, the best:

NeXTstep was the cool object-oriented operating system which Steve Jobs created when he left Apple — it later became OpenStep and was the reason Apple purchased NeXT so as to be able to make first Rhapsody, then Mac OS X. If anyone is keeping track, I’m still sad that we lost Display PostScript.

The opensource version is GNUstep:


It’s really a shame that there isn’t a version of folklore.org which depicts the interactions when NeXT essentially took over Apple from the inside (though I’m also sad that we lost the Newton MessagePad — for a while, I used a NeXT Cube as my desktop, and a Newton MessagePad or NCR-3125 running PenPoint as my mobile device and really that was the high-water mark for my computing experience — at that same timeframe, I also had access to machines equivalent to the NeXT Cube running Mac OS and Windows, and far preferred, and was far more productive on the Cube)

I think either would look good on a shirt or hat. Top one would be simple to carve on the bottom of works

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Illustrator is my #1 favorite app. I am a graphics major and so was schooled in it in college which helped learned how to use it the right way. I do as much as possible in AI and Creative Cloud is super affordable these days compared to what it used to be.

There isn’t a single design I carve that doesn’t start in AI. Then export to SVG and import to Easel

I keep coming back to this design haha
happen to have the SVG for that one?

Not letting me upload an SVG here ,so saved it as a vector PDF

night-owl-woodworks.pdf (51.1 KB)

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night-owl-woodworks.ai (31.0 KB)

Thanks gents.
I’ve been working on some v-carve techniques. Never done it before, might as well start with these.

what format is it?

That’s an Illustrator file