Logo Problem

The video steps mention all the extrusions for the first few steps are identical, but they neglect to mention that one of the pieces has a logo on it. You REALLY need to call out in the video EXACTLY where this logo piece is required. I finished the entire gantry only to discover one of the pieces I planned to use later had the logo… So I had to disassemble everything and start over, only this time with worn out self tapping screws.

The video for step 4 uses extrusions that don’t even have the logo, and the piece with the logo is not shown until you are at the bottom of the page which is past the point of no return for anyone building while following the steps.

Another common issue in the videos is that they mention things like “insert THE screw” in a step that has multiple sizes of screws, and it’s during a wide shot so you can’t ever see the screw being used in that assembly step and no future angles indicate which screw.

Check the written instructions under the video for photos and screw sizes, I was able to find that information there, good luck!

Hey @ChrisEllerby sorry about the confusion. Please scan the text and pictures for the details. The idea behind the videos was to be additional information. We should add a bit more explanation above and in the beginning to warn you about that. That is our mistake. Thanks for the feedback. @johnhayes will get it adjusted so other people get the heads up before the video rather than after.

Wish I remember the step I had the screw confusion on. Basically I read the part list, set out all the components and hardware, read the written instructions, then watched the video. And only then ran into the “inset the screw” issue as I had several types of screws and she shot (and remainder of the video) did not show the screw size. When I exited the video and went over the written instructions a second time I was able to figure it out.

The logo problem was much more frustrating as there was just no way to know I had the wrong extrusion until it was way too late.

Thanks again for all the follow up. I feel like info can get that belt to tighten so I can move forward I’ll be able to finish assembly today. The belt issue is the real road blocker for me.