Long 1/16 End Mills (More than .250 length of cut)

Just wondering if anyone has a good on-line source for 1/16 carbide end mills with 1/8 shank and more than .250 length of cut (.5 would be great, but anything more than .250 would do).

I buy most of my bits from drillman1 on eBay, He has a wide variety of bits.

I actually did check out his stuff, but most of the 1/16 bits seemed to be .250 length of cut or less. The only thing that seemed like it might work was this:

But I’m not sure how these bits would do with wood, any thoughts?

hello i found harvey tool company has extra long .0625 bits. i just purchased one and it was .5 in. i think they go all the way to an inch. jerry

Do they have an online store? Or do you buy them local. I’m located near London, Ontario (Canada) and it doesn’t look like they have any distributors that close to me.