Long carves

on long carves 16hr or longer is it possible to stop and start again on a diffrent day? I use a lap top so could I unplug the usb and come back and start agin.


In front of your x controller box are 3 buttons that will you to stop and start a project. Good for broken bits or for bed time.

you could generate the code in segments… depending on the program your using this will be easier or harder to do.

Basically, just set it up in stages and start cutting it in chunks. I use rhino /rhinocam and will export sets of toolpaths in order to achieve this.

you could also pause it however… if you are disconnecting your computer, I don’t know how much I would trust that. I’d rather be sure that it’s complete to a point then you pick up where you know it’s leaving off.

What are you carving that’s 16 hrs?

its a sign but I got it down to 6hr by going to a .25’ bit much better. still learning the tricks

can you post it? Curious to see why it’s that long. Maybe we can help you tweak it.

how do you do that post the project?

if it’s easel, click file then publish.

if it’s another program, you can just show a screenshot if you’d like

thanks this is good advice


what’s the material?

I’m thinking pine just easy to get a local hardware store.

you’re going to want to do some test and see what your machine can handle… but with pine

I am going at a depth of .05 @ 70ipm 29.334 plunge.

I think I can get away with even faster without any sacrifice.

I would try DOC (depth of cut) .0625 which would finish that design in 3 passes. try those other settings above and do a small test. pocket a circle and see what happens. If it works just fine, bump it up 5-10 ipm and give it another go.

generally my testing is, 3-6 circle and square pockets with different doc, and feedrates. watch it, and note what seems smooth and efficient

I think you can get that design done in an hour easily.

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A note about DOC, don’t use arbitrary numbers… take your depth, and divide it down… if you have to go .5 " and use a doc of .12, then your going to make 5 passes (.5/.12 = 4.16) just go with .125 which will be 4 passes. In other words, try to go with even divides.

it will take some getting used to, but don’t be afraid to test things out… remember, you built the machine… you can put it back together in the worst case lol. I have found it’s pretty robust though, I like to push it past what it can handle so I can find out, then, pull it back a bit so it’s at the apex.

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ok I will try that thanks

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Nice design by the way!!

AH, my bad… never really use it.

For my next trick… enter G90G0Z200 in your console. (don’t do that!!!)

you can go into your project listing, click “edit my project” on the right side, then uncheck “public” and it will pull it off the listing.

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finally activated mine tonight… sooo nice! before a week or so ago, I barely homed my machine… usually just unlocked and worked manually. I knew of g28/g30… but never really decided to play around with it. on top of that, recently learning about g10 for zero in multiple workspaces… Man… I am loving it. It’s one of those moments where you say… why have I been so stubborn!!! so now, I got rid of my bat, cut my hair, got some clothes, and gave up the rest of my caveman ways.

I suppose I avoided g28 and 30 due to convoluted overly explained post and articles… just punch the numbers in and it does stuff… magical stuff. I may do my own write up or something that explains these things without the fluff.

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Single toolpath doesn’t take 19 hours. Make toolpath for pocket/cut ETC and check your drawing to see if too much vectors on it. Something wrong. 19 Hours is a blast.

Exceptions and PhilJohnson is excluded to rules. :grin:

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Haven’t seen it. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve only read articles and post on it. I’ll have to check it out.

Just saw it. Didn’t see much fluff. Nice! Most articles get into the technical background and theory that matters after you have the basic understanding… Since they start with the crazy stuff, it gets confusing quickly.

I’ll make a post about g10, it’s designed for use as work zeros whereas g28/30 are more useful for park positions.

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