Long distance movement on the y loses steps (resolved)

So when I cut something small it’s perfect when the y has to move more than a few inches rapidly it seizes up and throws the whole cut off.

Hi @JoeBerman,

I had the same issue. All that was needed was a little tiny tweak to boost the current going to the Y-axis. I found the information first in the following post and also looked up the specifics on gShield’s wiki. It did the trick for me, hopefully it does the same for you.

I would also say to make sure you re-step through the tuning video at the end of the assembly instructions as well, just to be sure you’ve covers all of the possibilities.

Continuing the discussion from Y Axis stopping with motors still running (Fixed):

specifically this part:

Also check the wiring that connects the two Y steppers. I had a loose connection that caused one of my Y motors to stop every once in a while, which resulted in a lot of noise, and lost steps as the force required to move the gantry suddenly doubled.

@sketch42 perfect fixed my issues just ran a quick pass on the wasteboard to,make sure. Ran a 31 x 31 square around the perimeter at .04 depth and 120 inch per min no problem

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Awesome! Glad it helped. I was really scratching my head there for a second… was pretty relieved when it was just a tiny fraction of a turn on a tiny screw that was just set to a default. :smile: