Long Projected Cut times

Hello, I am a newbie at this but learn fast. Have 1000mm xcarve. Runs well so far, except I get extremely long cut times in easel pro. A simple cnc tool tray too 3.5 hrs. Is this normal? I have this next project that is text only and it seems like it should be simple but projected time is 6.25 hrs. Any help or suggestions would be great.

What are your settings?
Depth of cut?

FR = 60 IPM
PR = 9 IPM
DPP = .03

60degree bit
Soft Maple Wood
0.25 Depth for all words

On a V-carve, especially, your Z axis feed is very important.
Why so slow?

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That speed for PR is just Easel recommended. What would you suggest for a vcarve bit?

I don’t have an X-Carve, but a guess…triple that. Try 25-30in/min.
Hopefully one of the X-carve owners will chime in.


I appreciate your help.

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Yes go 30 on the PR
DPP .1
Feet rate 60 is good. You can always sped it up

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The other thing to watch for is depth of cut and depth per pass. Little changes can make a big difference.

You were cutting .25 at a .03 depth … so needing 9 passes to cut it. Reducing the cut depth to .24 would have saved 1 pass. Then also increasing the DPP a tiny bit to .04 would save another 2.

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Thanks for the help everyone, I will try to cut it this weekend with new settings. I’m new to this so the help on this forum is the best.

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You’re welcome, where did you get that file? I like it

I made the file. I have a background in graphics, screen printing and vinyl. Now its just figuring out how to put it into easel from core and illustrator. I think I’m getting it but there’s a few little things to tweak.

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If you’re use to Corel and Illustrator then Easel will be easy. I use mostly Corel to save all my SVG’s then import into Easel. I also do vinyl and Corel works well with Roland and Graphtec.

I used to use a Roland then moved business to house and got a little GCC on a stand, works better then the Roland. Corey is easier to use and for screen printing it is way better. If you want the guitar file let me know and I’ll send it over to you.

I would love the file,
thank you
Russell Crawford

Try https://wordart.com/ You can use their default shapes, or upload your own outline. Create a list of words and it does the rest

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Hi Russell, I have a 1000 mm XCarve as well. I do detailed finish work and using a .25in RN for rough cut it can take 7-10 hours for carves that are 12X16 in. My spindel speed is 16000 and I use .25 of my bit size to determine step over or step down settings. XCarve is not a fast cnc machine but you can get nice work from it. If you try to cut too deep or too fast you’ll run off program. Keep to a nice friendly cut speed. I run between 80-140 mm/mn depending on wood type and cut type. Don’t worry about hours so much as the quality and you’ll have a great time with your machine.