Long time, small project

I’m new

I just ordered my xcarve. Im playing with Easel and created a sign" “EAT” with a line above and a line below. When I simulate, it says it would take 14 hours, 30 minutes just to carve this. What do I need to know to correct the crazy amount of time for this small project. Note: I don’t have the xcarve yet.

on the right top corner, where it says “cut settings”. You just need to adjust those (feed rate, plunge rate and depth per pass). And that should minimize your cut time. And make sure you click “custom”, otherwise you won’t be able to change the settings.

Not really, when I make this, I couldn’t see the outline, when I switched to the 1/32, it showed. I switched to a 1/8 and it took it down to 2 hrs 36 minutes. Still long for something this simple?

I just uploaded the video from my hard drive. I’m on a mac and don’t know how to snap a pic. it is easy on a PC.

on the video, looks like you would have to download video to watch. It wouldn’t let me see it either…

Here is a pic. It’s still 2+ hours for this.

ok, here is the main question… How do I learn to make those types of adjustments? Is it just learning as I go, or is there specific information I need to know this? Sorry, I want to get this right. My xcrarve has arrived! I just need to put it together! :slight_smile:


so i would start to reasearch things like

chip load
Feed Rates
Plunge Rates

here is a good guide to learn some things from


there is alot to learn about tools and the way you are supposed to run them

One more thing, is “50ipm - 60ipm” for Plunge rate and/or feed rate?
Thank you!

That is very helpful, thank you!

47 AM
Sorry, which number is Plunge Rate and which is Depth per pass? I’m going to work from those numbers you gave me. Thanks a ton for this!

Ok, here’s one for ya…
Where Im pointing on the screen in the pic, the bottom will not fit on the rails. The top two “wheels” fit. Any ideas? I triple checked, it put together right…

What sure what you mean. Do I turn the v-wheels around?

I’ll give that a go. Not sure how much play there is. I have no other ideas at this point.

You were right! Thank you!