Longer Bit needed to cut butcher block

Does anyone have any experience cutting 1.5 inch thick birch butcher block? If so, what size bit did you use and what cut settings did you have.I have the xcarve with the dewalt 611.

so I have cut many Hard Maple Butch Block tops on my big machine using a 1/2" hss downcut and upcut spiral

but on the x-carve you will be hard pressed to use a 1.5" flute length tool due to a couple things like collet size and shear length

as bob suggested I would do this in partil cuts using a .75" flute length tool I would cut all the way down and then flip the piece and machine the back side to the same depth thus giving you the 1.5 depth you are after and if you push the tool down to say .76" it will not leave a ridge when the 2 paths meet

its not to hard to do you just need to do some set up

here is a couple videos I did on the topic sorry for the noise on the first one

are you saying that ridge will be left if you complete the job with bandsaw?

just confused a little there

oh yeah no i understand that I was just not sure if he was meaning that double sided machining would leave a ridge as it should not if done correctly

How about stacking and joining your cuts?
Like when you make a larger sign you use jointer to flatten and then biscuits to joint 2 pieces
You can do the same for a deep pocket. Use the same type of technique without the biscuits.
Then you can cut each slice and then stack them to form what you want.
Just a thought.

what do you mean by this?

I know its nice to have a large block and cut it all at once.
However if you slice it so it has sections. you can stack and glue them after cutting.
3dCut does this when the model is too large for your machine’s Z axis


yeah but does that apply to thickness of material or just the x and y direction?

ooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! slicing

yes. Very cool.
you don’t need 3dcut either

yeah so basically the same why that a 3d printer works by slicing models just alot thicker slices

idk though I guess that would work for 3d carvings and 3d objects but not so sure a butcher block

good idea though what program does that automatically?

I’ve had good luck with a bit similar to this:

In fact, I just carved out a Cherry and Maple jewelry box 3" deep.

you have a link to this phil?

and is it 3.25 overall length or 3.25" flute length?

oh okay thank yeah thats only .8125" cut depth

I would like to find a extra length tool that has a flute length of around 2" without necking

1.5" cutting length:

Hmm yeah a 4 flute would probably work for that length to as all you would be doing at that depth on a .25" shank tool is finishing anyways


do you have one of these are you able to measure runout on it?

I have one, but i won’t get out into the shop for a few days.

okay yeah if you have a way to check run out I would really be interested

maybe a reading of the spindle and then the tool so I can subtract the 2