Longest sign we have done so far

I thought we would share this.

We have seen several people ask about tiling, this had to be carved moving the blank 3 times.

Now we just have to figure out how to box it…LOL

18 x 72”


I’ll bet that took some time to carve. Nice job. Is that plywood?

Thanks you!

No this one is it is actually clear pine. We generally use clear pine or clear red cedar unless the customer has requested a specific species of wood.

We are kinda lucky we do woodworking as well and stock about 25 - 30 different exotic and domestic hardwoods, plus the normal softwoods, so we have lots to choose from :slight_smile:

Very nice. I package stuff in that size all the time. If you need a few helpful nints give me a pm.

Thank you! All boxed up and ready to go, thanks for the offer!

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Here is another sign that need to be tiled.

This one is 9” x 60”


How long does it take to carve something that large?

It was cut with a vbit so it only took about 1 hour and 15 minutes, including moving the sign in the machine.

Three different pages I assume, removing the wood and moving it through the machine between each cut?


How did you create the sign that long in easel?

In Easel you can design as large as you want.
Once that is done you break up the whole project into sections (tiles) that the machine can accomodate.

Longest I have made is 2100mm (6’ 9") which I needed to break up into 6 sections (small machine)

In order to tile with precision you need reference points (typically alignment pins which control tile2tile offset)

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We designed the sign on the first work piece and then broke it up into… I think it was 3 work pieces. We did make sure the machine was tuned and added a jig to position the sign.

It is a little hard to work with a really big design in Easel but it is doable.

What are we looking at in this photo??? Really curious!


Nesting bird houses? (pun intended) World longest soundbar? WackAMole kit?

I am upgrading my home theatre speaker setup :slight_smile: Old speaker to the right, new to the left.


10" x 60"