Longworth chuck for my step-dad-in-law

Nice job, but I had to Google to find out what a Longworth chuck is. (Oz design, apparently, nice one!) If I ever get a lathe I’ll have to have a go myself.

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Nice job. As a woodturner I really should make myself one of these. Kind of always meant to. What are you using for the workpiece holder/gripper pegs? Can you share the plans?

I do not.

As a woodturner I’ve also been thinking about making a Longworth chuck on the X-Carve, might also offer them to my turning club members. What I’ve been curious about is the center piece that mounts on the spindle - how do you make sure it ends up mounted absolutely dead center? I assume you’re cutting that piece by itself and then mounting it after the pieces are all cut out?

Oh, OK. I also have the Beall tap for my lathe spindle, just wasn’t sure how to keep that piece aligned. Tightly fitting to a pocket makes sense.


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I plan on using my beal tap to attach it

LOL, that will be us tomorrow. Blizzard watch already in effect and work cancelled. Are you east coast US? probably the same storm hit you is going to crap all over us too.

I tried to get my snowblower running today… gas started shooting out of the primmer button and the side of the carb… pretty much ensures we will get the crap beat out of us tonight. Me, a dumb shovel, and a 400ft driveway… great

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Its a rule, big storm ='s all your snow removal tools go way of the dodo. Dont worry your shovel will break half way through the job…

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NICE, the older stuff was all built a lot better. My father just barely retired my grandmothers old 1973 ariens 5hp 24" blower. That machine moved a LOT of snow in its life. Only major repair it ever needed was a set of rings he put in it about 10 years ago or so.

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