Looked great until it didn't...Bits are still a mystery

The last two nights I ran a project that used two bits. I have limited time after work to make noise and not disturb the neighbors, and based on the simulation it was gonna be a few hours in the making. I ran the 1/4" high speed single flute up cut bit last night and was really happy with the progress and end result. Fast forward to tonight and I ran the 30 degree engraving, it seemed like it produced the best detail. Did I error in choosing this one? All the other selected bits didn’t seem so crisp and clean looking in the generated preview.So with I let it finish knowing full well it was not gonna be good and as you can see the letters and other areas are bleh! Any advice on fonts and bits and getting that crisp detail work. I know the project says oak but I’m using the poplar I have and know its not as hard as oak.

Certainly look like your machine or material shifted in the 2nd pic, the letters seem doubles as in X-position became offset for some reason.

This seem to be your main issue.