Looking 4 Xcarver to hire

i currently have a project all ready to go, but i do not yet have the funds for my own Xcarve unit just yet. would anybody be interested in making a few parts on their Xcarves and mailing them to me? i will pay you for your time and i will send you the material. i already have uploaded it into easel, i will send you the link, you just have to open and hit carve. all together the 4 peices are about 5"x8"x3/4", ABS Plastic, and you will need an 1/8" milling bit. please email me at WolfMyerArms@yahoo.com if interested.

Caveat emptor…

Just be aware that most folk need to spend many many hours getting their machines to work. They then spend many many more hours trying to find suitable speed and feeds for different materials.

Even then, many jobs I do still only work out on their second or third attempt.

Expecting your code to work on your material with someone else’s machine, I’d suggest is a pretty big assumption.

You may find folk willing to help, hell I’m happy to assist if you’re nearby (and very patient), but if you want something made quickly with a reasonable chance of success, I’d suggest a professional machine shop would be a better choice.

Please note - this is not a criticism, it’s just a friendly reminder that many folk here are just hobbyists. I’m not criticising your request, it’s just I’d hate to take on your job and then ruin your material because I made an error or because your code wasn’t quite right.

You might find it easier to post your design & specs, and see if someone would make it for you.

i’m in phoenix, az. i would love to watch someone work with an Xcarve and want to buy my own when i can afford it. right now i’m just prototyping something for a school project, (Arizona State University School of Mechanical Engineering) so it could be made out of plywood for all i care, i just need to see if the dimensions fit together correctly. i have the code input into Easel, the depths and layout are all set, but i’ve never actually worked with an xcarve so i don’t know how finiky they are. i worked with a $22,000 laser engraver when i was i the navy, and that could be a pain so i understand. i thought the beauty of easel was that it was a one-stop-shop, i know it has preset depths and speeds for various materials. i understand i wouldn’t be getting professional quality, but i looked into getting just 4 tiny (4"x5"x0.5") parts machined at a shop and was quoted over $800 for just the abs prototype. i’m a broke college student, please if anyone can help me machine these parts it would be appreciated.

If I get a chance when I get off night shifts, I’ll have a try. I’ve not really used easel much, I use V Carve pro, but I’m willing to have a try.

I doubt I’ll do more than send you a picture though - I’m in Australia. The postage would probably pay someone’s labour who’re a little closer to you.

There are a ton of different programs out there that can run a cnc mill like the Xcarve. i went with easel because it is as basic as they come, therefore not as much room for operator error ect. yeah, never shipped anything to/from down under, but i’m guessing the postage would eat up my entire project budget. thanks for you’re advice and help,

I looked at your Easel file. Doesn’t seem hard to do. Don’t understand the .25" doc around outline that is cut out. Why is that? Is that necessary?

if it is what i think you are referring to, then it is not just around the outside, it is a .25" doc that goes over the entire surface area of both the pieces to bring the total height of the pieces to .50" tall. the part on the outside of the outline is just overhang and no it is not needed. if you look closely at the top middle piece there is a .05" doc across that surface as well. any sanding/finishing of rough spots that is needed i can do myself, i just don’t have the equipment for the main piece machining. this is mainly for form/fit as the actual piece would need to be machined out of 6061 T6 aluminium. so really if you just have some scrap 3/4" plywood that you could machine this out of and send it would be worth the $50 to me.

I understand. I think MDF might give you a better finished piece, as plywood would possible have voids and many imperfections. Would that work?
Most 3/4 materials are not exactly .75". MDF is closer to .76". Is this critical for you?

Just read the part about emailing you. You can email me at nastyhabit@hawaii.rr.com.

Cut the piece for Jordan per his Easel file (1.5 hrs)

Why? Cause I’m a nice guy… :sunglasses:

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I think he said 50 or 60… :smile:

Watch list.

LOL, i promise it is perfectly legal in AZ.

@JordanWolfley I would like to see your final project completed, looks really cool.