Looking for 1 on 1 final assembly and setup assistance in Orange County, CA

I received my 1000mm x-carve 2 days ago and have assembled maybe 70% of it yesterday, fairly easy so far. I am still awaiting several parts to complete the build (apparently Inventables is backed up with their shipping, and I expect to receive the wasteboard and dust collection next week).

I am fairly handy but I would like to speed up my learning and am looking for an experienced x-carve user to give me a couple hours of 1 on 1 ‘final assembly, tuning, and useful tips’ time. Reading the support forums has been really enlightening and the community seems to be incredibly supportive, but YoutTube videos only get you so far and I’d like to jump-start my carving.

I am located in La Habra, CA and have the 1,000mm X-Carve, I think I ordered almost every reasonable option available and am using (or will be using…) V-Carve Pro.