Looking for 1000mm X-Carve - Located in TX

I am looking for a 1000mm X-Carve. I live near Houston, TX. I’m looking to make a trade for it. I have some “tools” I’d like to trade for it. If you have one and are interested in trading, feel free to send me a text. 281-455-5542.


hello good afternoon could you tell me what kind of tools are you have live aki in webster tx 77598 and I have 3 cnc a 500x500 mm that I hardly use?

Hi Johan,
This CNC 500x500 still availlable?

ya no le instale un laser y lo use para dibujos sorry?

No problem for me!
This CNC is X-carve? Are you sell?

Yes sr?

Where are you located in EUA?

Houston tx webster 77598

Please send for me your contact (E-mail or Whatsapp), I very interested!

Hello I wanted to inform you that I do not sell my machines because this year I start my own business from my garage if you want my help in programs and files I have no problems in helping you because that is the most expensive part of all this cnc I do not speak much English but I understand enough this is my number you can call me at any time 832-221-5921 johan manuel?


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