Looking for a spare Z axis belt - 6mm

I’m looking for the GT2 160mm, 6mm width belt for Z axis. Just want to have a spare on hand. Can’t seem to find them anywhere. If you have an extra you’d like to sell, let me know. Thanks.

I think I might have one somewhere.

Let me know if you do. Thanks.

Sizes ranging from 96mm to 160mm

Thanks, but it’ll take a month or more cause it’s probably coming from China. My machine is running a lot and I don’ want to get stuck not running.

Not true.
I bought a pack of them myself.
Took less than a week.

I found it, if you like , send me your address in a private message and Ill send it to you.

Was just a suggestion. You stated you couldn’t find them anywhere, I found them easily on Amazon… and I got mine in about a week.

before hit the buy button did these work for you

just ordered a set thru here