Looking for a used X-Carve (Belgium)


I’m looking for a used x-carve to/in Belgium/EU. I prefer the 1000 x 1000 model around 900 euro (1024 USD).

Kind regards

van waar ben je?

Diepenbeek (limburg als mijn mini dorp minder gekend is :))

leuke blog btw! :slight_smile:


I’ll continue the rest in english :slight_smile:

I’m from around Kortrijk. Not a lot of Belgian/dutch people on here so I doubt you’ll find one for sale in your area, but maybe someone is willing ship from within the EU.

good luck anyways!

Yeah, I’m kinda hoping for the EU shipping part, there was one for sale in Brussels last week but i just missed out… I’m a tech teacher at secundary school and we’re changing our courses next year so I decided to let my students do some basic CNC’ing… but being a CNC noob myself I’m going to follow some lessons next year and was hoping to find a X-carve before the holidays to try out some simple stuff :). But tnx for the tip & good luck with your blog!

have you looked at the Carvey or Nomad 883? They are probably better suited for classroom use and are mostly plug-and-play.

edit: it seems they are a bit pricey though.

Hey Frederic,

We did also look at the carvey but as you said, the price isn’t realistic for our school budget :slight_smile: The plan was to make an enclosure for class use .

But thanks for the tip!

Hoi Peter,

To be honest I cannot recommend an X-Carve for students. I have had one in the past but it’s a lot of fiddling and not very robust. When you spend a few hours on this forum you’ll see what I mean. Tension of the belts, loose pullies, losing steps etc.

For 900 euro you can build a much better machine yourself. Actually that’s what I did myself last year. 900 euros will give you a very sturdy machine with ball screws, 425 oz-in Nema 23 motors etc. This will give you a machine that always works like a beast and cannot be ruined by careless students.
You can basically follow the build of http://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-CNC-router/ replacing the alluminium by multiplex/MDF and a few angle bars.

If you dare to build it, let me know: I can send you links of materials etc.
btw. I’m in Wageningen, NL


Hoi Marnix,

Thanks for the very nice response! To be honest I didn’t even think about building one myself (I think there’s a “it’s impossible barrier” that I need to cross ;)). But you did got me thinking… if my search for an x-carve ends without result I’ll might take the idea a step further :slight_smile: I’ll keep you up to date!

Cheers from a southern neighbor !

I’m thinking of selling my 1000 x 1000 x carve. I’ve only used it about ten times. My wife bought it intending to start a business but her other business got busy and its been sitting in the garage for a few months now.

If anyonee is interested let me know!


Hey, where are you from? (Country:))

Hi there. Are you still thinking about selling your x-carve? If so, I’d be very much interested. I live in Italy

US. Southern california. 1000 USD