Looking for A Used Xcarve

I am a very novice woodworker and am looking at getting an Xcarve. I live in central Ohio but will be traveling for family vacations soon. I’ll be near Wilmington, NC, Minneapolis, MN and northern Mississippi. I’m also open to pay shipping. I was looking at the 750mm model. I can make my own waste board if someone wanted to ship. Thank you.

I’m in the UK and not selling, so I can’t actually help you in your search (but good luck!). I just wanted to be sure you understand that 750mm refers to the length of the rails, but the actual carving capacity of the 750mm size XCarve is 550mm x 550mm. If you want a larger carve area than that, and you have space for the larger setup, I would recommend the larger machine.


I dont plan on making anything real big but if i find a good deal on the larger machine I’d get one. Thank you for the advice

Hello. Are you still selling your x carve?

I have a used 1000mm X 1000mm with most the upgrades they are pushing currently. I even gave the Jtronics Laser engraver attachment. Mine limited use so most everything is in excellent shape. I have the washboard and clamp set as well. Anyone interested in this?

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where are you located?

Dothan Alabama. Pending sale sunday though.

Did the sale go through? If not, I am EXTREMELY interested! I am in Enterprise and would love to pick up ASAP!!

It did. Surprisingly fast. I hope he is enjoying it. Sorry.