Looking for advice on potential purchase

Hi, I’ve never owned a CNC machine, but am thinking about getting a used one I saw on Craigslist. It’s an original X-Carve 1000x1000, but I don’t know how the original is different from the current model. The seller says “all new upgrades” have been added and mentioned x-controller and a stiffened x-axis. It says it’s “wired for limit switches if you prefer,” but I’m not sure what that means. I don’t know enough about the X-Carve to know what upgrades are available, and/or what things about this older version will never compare to a newer one.

Any advice? Thanks in advance for your time, and any suggestions you all may have!

I bought an “original x-carve” when it was new, the stiffened x-axis made it much more solid, but I kept with the original controller, so you’d be one up on me if you go ahead with the purchase.
I don’t think there’s anything else that has changed much so if the price is right the only thing is to see it running and maybe ask the owner to run the calibration test carve to check it’s all set up nicely.