Looking for an X Carve in Texas; prefer the 1000 mm

I am in San Antonio and will drive a little for it.

Are you still looking for an X Carve?

I am, let me know if you have one for sale. I am located in Houston

Do you still have an x carve for sale?

I was looking for one. I ended up finding on in MS.


It will be in April. I ordered the new Pro and didnt know that delivery was next year. I will take this post down and start a new one later. Sorry.

Ihave one in Ft. Worth.

Send me an email

Sorry I just saw you said to send an email, what is the email?

I am selling an XCarve 1000 in Oklahoma City. I am selling a whole setup with a dust collection system, including a workbench and Fein Turbo II Vac.

I can email pictures if you are interested.

Hey David, thanks for the ok info, I ended up buying a full setup from James. Thanks though!

Happy Turkey Day

James, I do you still have this or is it sold?

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