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Looking for default machine settings for Carvey

Hey everyone,
In an effort to troubleshoot the spindle overcurrent issue I’m having, support suggested that my machine settings may be off. It’s taking a day between messages with support, so I’m trying to run with that idea… can someone pull the settings off their Carvey so I can compare?

In Easel, go to Machine >> Advanced >> Machine Inspector and copy/paste the text in the Settings box.


I won’t be near my Carvey until next week, but if you post your settings I could probably tell if something is off.

Thanks! Something I did borked my machine. I’m now getting this spindle overcurrent error no matter what I try. :frowning: I’m hoping I didn’t fry the board!


what is $800? Assuming it’s a gCarvin specific thing?

$800 is the spindle max spindle current setting.

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As always, @NeilFerreri1 saves the day! At some point I must have zeroed it out, thinking it had to do with the smart clamp or something. Put it back to 1.75 and I’m back up and running.



I didn’t do much, but you’re welcome!