Looking for demo

Does anyone around the DFW area have an x-carve they would mind demoing for me before I send money to purchase one?

I’m looking to purchase a 1000mm, but can use any size for a demo.

I’m not in the DFW area, however, look at the many videos I have and you can get a good feel for what it is capable of doing. My machine is completely stock and is almost two years old. Good luck.

‪This video was posted a few days ago https://youtu.be/mMpHW8JUL9U‬

Let me check the map www.inventables.com/50states

The Frisco library has a Carvey and Nimitz high school has the old X-Carve.

Here’s a comparison between the old one and the new one:

I’m in DFW and could let you take a gander.

Man, that would be so awesome. Thanks so much.
Wife and I are leaving on vacation tomorrow and will be back on the 14th. Maybe sometime that week we can connect?

Yeah, just hit me up, I’m in south Arlington.

Will do. Thanks again.