Looking for fixture idea for securing typeboard

I purchased carvey to assist with my letterpress printing and the type boards are exactly 0.918" high as required by the letterpress. With the Carvey I have two challenges

  1. The type boards are small and I need to use every inch of them for the design, so I cannot afford to lose the little bit on the bottom left where the carvey clamp goes.
  2. I would like to continue to use the carvey zeroing feature.

I know I am going to have to make something for this, I am just not sure what and I am hoping to find an inspiring concept here. Thanks for any ideas you may have.

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Here is one idea I have for a jig (using carvey to make it).

  • The long block in the center is to be used for the clamp
  • The narrow part of the block opening is where the type block would be placed.
  • The light lines are marking where I would drill through so I would add clamping bolts.
  • To support the zeroing, I would either make the jig board the same thickness or glue in a shim to the bottom right corner.

Seems like this might work. Any thoughts?

Just for fun… It is now Thursday and my second attempt, looks good this time.

This clamp makes it possible to use a fully recess printed block with no borders in Carvey. This one is 3/8" 4x6

  1. The depth of the square is the depth of the target block.
  2. The bolt is a 5/16" x 7 carriage bolt.
  3. Using a wingnut for tension.

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Brilliant idea! My guitar body clamping and routing will benefit greatly from this!!

Very happy if it can help you out. I am glad I can finally move on to the block printing now. :slight_smile:

My wheels are turnin! With that set up, I can glue up a body blank, clamp it, leave it in the fixture, set it on the XC, locate with the bump stop and clamp the fixture. Boy am I going to be busy this weekend :slight_smile:

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