Looking for help in Central Texas

I cannot get my machine running. I’ve tried troubleshooting and it just isn’t cutting right. I will pay you to come over and help me get it cutting right. Please message me. Thanks!

How central?

What’s wrong with the machine so far?

Around Taylor

It’s not staying on the cut path. The cuts are off. I’ve calibrated it and it’s beating me to the point of quitting. I’m just ready to start cutting and pay someone at this point.

can you post a picture or two of what it’s doing vs. what it’s supposed to be carving?

Customer service is the best I have ever seen.
They will walk through it with you step by step.
They will get you up and running.

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I don’t have any pics on hand. The machine has gotten a little too dangerous for me to go any further until I figure something out. I appreciate the help.