Looking for ideas to hang a project

I made a sign for a client, it is made of 1/2” laminated partical board… total dimensions are 36”x48” so my original idea of just 2 “shark tooth” hangers I don’t think will handle the weight as there is not much to dig into on the back of the sign(maybe I’m wrong and it would support it)

Any suggestions on what I could do to set the client up for hanging this?

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The keyhole Generator App works great.

Here is a video on how to use it. https://youtu.be/pw5SRVXQhcw

Depends on what you are hanging it on and where. Inside or outside. Wall or beam.

Inside, and from what it sounds like it’ll just be anchors into drywall

I wouldn’t use keyholes on something like that.
Hanging wire with a good anchor?
A French cleat style hanger (they make metal ones)?
Since you’re using chains already, chains?

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D-rings. One on each side. You can hide them pretty well when it’s mounted.

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French Cleat is my fav.

I like how it holds it out from the wall about 3/4"

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Agree with all the suggestions above.

For D rings I would need to use 3/8” screws into the partical board… to me it doesn’t sound like that would hold much?

Should be sufficient.

The D Rings from Home Depot say they will hold up to 20lbs. Most dont have very long screws for attaching. If your concern is the particle board pulling apart maybe the french cleat is the best answer.


Drywall anchors should have no problem with this.