Looking for Inspiration

If your looking for inspiration for a project:
The Marble Machine Build
The Marble Machine Performance

I want time to build things like this - Wow.


Wow indeed!
I lack the skills to do this on so many levels…

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funny how they seem to be mostly proud of their selfmade white backdrop.

Sort of yes, he needs to get that Marble Machine out on tour with Maker Fairs. That would be something to see.

I must admit I was drooling over his huge wooden gear wheels. Looked like he could really have used a CNC! I’d like to know of the 14 month to build how long did it take to tune?

Perhaps Derek Hugger could get inspired and make a plan those of us less talented could build! :wink: If he can design a humming bird flying and drinking, I’m sure he can design a musical instrument equally as mind blowing.

Maybe consider making one of these…