Looking for overall size specification/footprint of X-Carve?

Hi all. I’m building a work bench for the X-Carve and looking for the full overall dimensions of the unit and any outlying operational items like belts, etc that will need freedom to move. One side of the bench will be up against a wall. Also how deep and wide would you suggest building the bench?

I think this has been asked and answered a few times before, including by myself, I found this in regards to the 1000 mm . Hope it helps.

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Thanks TravisLucia,
This is exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for the repeat post I was posting via my phone :^/
Does anyone know how much debris is kicked out? I was planning on building a box ‘tent’ of sorts out of PVC pipe and indoor/outdoor nylon to cover to prevent dust from flying about.

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The amount of debris is a function of the type of material, size of the bit, thickness of the material and depth per pass.

Take a look at the video of cutting the skateboard to get a visual:

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Hi @pike_lake today @BartDring posted a PDF with the exact dimensions of the machine. It’s better than my measurements taken in the shop. Here’s a PDF to look at with the dimensions.


Thanks, Zach! This was very helpful. Also, as of now not really seeing a need to ‘cover’ the X-Carve. The throw of the debris seems very minimal and more ‘chunks’ than ‘dust’. Thanks for the video posts of the X-Carve in action in some other threads as well! They are a pleasure to see. Diving in to bench building tomorrow. Can’t wait 'til April 30th!

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Sure thing! Glad those were helpful.

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What would the ideal work space size be for the 1000mm X-Carve? My current work bench is too small so I am looking to build one before the X-Carve is shipped out. Would 65" x 42" work? Reading the above it should be enough for a small laptop and power supply.

I went with a 48" x 48" expandable to 48" x 72". Based on the footprint of 39" (roughly) of the X-carve, I figured in a 4 1/2" buffer all the way around. Please post pics when you are done. I’m thinking about building a 6" short shelf under mine for tools and spare material.

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Jake, thanks for the reply. I will post some pics when I am done. I am going to go for a quick and fast work bench using 2x4 Basics workbench kit. My other workbench is nicer, it has miter channels so I can lock down or move stuff like my bandsaw or bench vise. I added another piece of plywood and then the miter channels but not in this picture. I used Strong ties to make this one:

This one isn’t wide enough for the 1000x1000 X- Cave it would hang over the edge.

Here is a pic of my X-carves home to be. It was made with 2x4 Basics kit. Its 65" x 42". I used 3/4" finished Baltic plywood for the top and 3/4" MDF for the shelves. It took me about 2 hours to complete by myself. Some help would have made it faster for sure. It turned out pretty nice. I want to make some shelves for bits and tools which I’ll do with the left over wood.

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Wow. That’s looking good!

Future home for my XCARVE. .48x45…enclosed with sound deadening mat to keep the noise level to a minimum. …plan on putting a flip out table top to hold laptop


I’m sure it has been covered here (or somewhere), but I can’t find it. What is the total size of the 500x500 machine? I’m looking at getting a cover ( I’m thinking the 20W x8H x20D version of this: http://smile.amazon.com/Computer-Dust-Solutions-Antistatic-Translucent/dp/B00DTGG2RM/ref=sr_1_2_m?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1433880596&sr=1-2&keywords=Dust+Cover ) and I need to know which size to order.


@NAM37: The full dimensions of the machine is available in the PDF linked to in Zach_Kaplan’s post: Looking for overall size specification/footprint of X-Carve?

I’ll simply repost it here to save everyone some time:
648mm (W) x 547mm (D) x 331mm (H)

Based on the sizes that are listed for that Amazon product, NONE of them will fit the X-Carve!


If you manage to find a case that actually fits the X-Carve, please let the rest of us know :)! I, for one, have been looking for such a case (the alternative would be to machine one myself, but that’s slightly more work and I’m lazy enough as it is :P).

@Zach_Kaplan: With regards to that PDF you linked to, is 331mm (give and take a few mm for tolerance) the maximum height with full vertical extension?

Here is the bench I built out of 2 inch square tube. This was pretty much my first welding project as well. I also made some alternative foot pads out of hockey pucks which I’ve seen on a few other steel benches. With the casters on its about 39” high, and the top a 48” square.


You could add a shelf across the bottom stretchers and collect a myriad of things you may never use and a ton of even more useless dust. :grin:

Unless you are fastidious about cleanliness.

But seriously, there is buku storage space there, looks like it may be fairly easy to move about as well.

That is more or less the plan. I have the piece of wood, just need to cut out the notches to go around the legs. Was all ready to start on that when my X-Carve showed up and diverted my attention… Once I get that assembled and working I will get back around to the bottom shelf. I also want to add some drawers on one side, and put a shop vac/dust collector on the back end.