Looking for owners close to me

Recently relocated from Ohio to Ansbach Germany. Really wanting to get a xcarve sent over… Any owners close to me?

Inventables has a distributor in the UK, uk distributor They carry the machine and a limited number of parts.

I have a Army post office box and already talked to the US about shipping one here. Was just hoping that there would be someone close in case I run into problems

Amsterdam will not solve that problem. Be aware that importing goods from the USA to Europe is taxed with 21% for The Netherlands, Germany will be the same as we are one market. I expect the Army post office box to be tax free for you but it might be useful to verify that in advance.

I am not worried about the import. I am exempt from import fees as I am part of the US Forces stationed in Germany. The one thing I will not get is the waste board because of size restrictions coming into APO’s

Thank you for serving, happy holidays to you and yours.

Thank you… Green suite time is over… Now supporting the troops as a civilian… just couldn’t bring myself to leave troops when the time came. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well

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