Looking for recommendations- Saw Blade etch

I am looking for some thoughts from the community in the attempt to etch out the picture on a large (16" diameter working area) saw blade that has been painted black. I have the 1000x1000 X-Carve system. I have pulled up the picture in meshcam and it appears I have a good method but haven’t executed it yet. I set the depth as 0.005" just to try to get an etch. Any recommendations for meshcam (or other software) settings or setup would be appreciated. Thanks.


Update- I used meshcam for the picture and when I sent the result to the x-carve and ended up with a strange result. As I look at what came up from the software, I am pretty sure I need to learn more about the software packages before going into these ‘extravagant’ projects. It seemed easy at first, but it certainly has a learning curve.

Photo VCarve isn’t too expensive and while I haven’t tried it, I think that is probably the way to go for what you want to do. They have a free trial on their website.

Thanks. I was able to complete the etch. I posted the result in the projects under $100 category