Looking for some thoughts on the sign

I’m in the design phase of building my parents a sign for there new home. Possibly going to use pine or redwood. Now I’m looking for some of your guys thoughts on what type of bits to use. Here’s what I have layed out so far.

Profile 2 Whole body of design 0.625 2 flute Feed Rate 1 inch per sec
V Carve 30 Degree bit from inventables Clean up work and to add depth .2 inches per sec
Small Tree End Mill .0938 100 inches per min
Date v-bit 90 Degree 1 inch per sec

Disregard the shaded tree,

Looking for some expert advice here guys and maybe a good learning process for the new ones.


I use VCarve for nearly everything I run on my CNC. I’m not sure what you’re asking because I can see several approaches to carving the sign. It could be everything from etching all of the lines to a combination of pocket cuts and v-carves. When working a new project, I set out with something in mind but keep an open mind and try various approaches until I get something I like. Even then, I might change something for better balance. The great thing about VCarve is its 3D preview function where you can see a good representation of the end result.

Thanks for the reply. Basically I’m looking for some feedback as to what would someone use on this type of design.
I still the new guy when it comes to figuring out what will work and what doesn’t. I have discovered that if I choose a specific bit and look at the final design in vcarve it looks great. However in the end is not all it was cracked up to be.

So in short just looking for some advice on what to use.