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Looking for some wiring help

So I recently acquired a carvey but the previous owner said the mainboard died and thus he switched to grbl. I am keeping the grbl as it appears from what others have said on here there is no way to get a replacement mainboard. However there are a few things I would like to know.

What is the voltage for the LED lights in the lid? I don’t have to have them but it would be nice.
Same with the spindle lights.

The Z optical limit switch. What is the voltage for it? (Sees a few optical ones like it before that took a range so I will likely see if 5V will work but thought I would ask.

What is the height offset for the smart switch? Not sure grbl can be made to support this but I wanna try.

Im sure I am forgetting things but thats it for now.

NeilFerreri1 is the guy that can help you with the carvey. He knows a lot about them.


I’m sure it’s 5v.

Half inch, but probably best to tune it yourself.
It’s just connected to the probe input… Easy.

The Carvey runs grbl, just with some modifications, mainly for the button on the front. Not sure anything else is different.

Thanks. Got it working although ended up hammering my head into the wall for a couple hours on that Z limit switch. Come to find out at some point grbl swapped the Z+ limit with the spindle enable so as to allow PWM spindle speed control. This is a good thing once I get a speed controller but was still annoying when I did not know about it.

Now to actually cut something. It was way late last night when I got everything homing. I still gotta figure out Fusion 360.

That was like 5 years ago! :wink:


I’m not sure on the LED voltage off the top of my head.

How are you planning on controlling the spindle?

So I’ve seen a few pwm controlable speed controllers around. Just gotta find one that’s decent.

At the moment i am using the original 48v power supply tied directly to the spindle. It is the only thing using that power supply so i am just using the power switch on the back of the carvey for spindle on/off.

As for the grbl change I was just going off of what was on the board. It is a protoneer 3.0 cnc shield. Once i realized that the switch worked as a x/y limit i was able to search the right thing. (Did not help that the way everyone seems to say to see limits in grbl is wrong for the latest version.)