Looking for Someone to Assemble X-Carve in VA - Will pay!

Hi everyone! We are considering purchasing an X-Carve, but I know that me and my husband won’t be able to assemble it easily. Is there anyone in the area that would be willing to assemble it for us? We live in Fishersville, VA. Please let me know and what you’d charge to do it :slight_smile: I appreciate it - thanks!

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It’s really not hard with the instructions that Inventables provides. All you need to do is follow each step at a time. The instructions tells you what parts you need and provides pictures for each step.


Yes I know, but I rather save myself the stress and arguments if possible and just pay someone to put it together for me :slight_smile: Haha

if you do that then you lose some of the ability to learn about how the machine works. Putting it together is one of the greatest learning experiences you can have with the machine.

Once together you can then calibrate it and learn how each part of the machine interacts with the other parts. that way in the future when you need to re-level or re-square the machine you know exactly how to perform that maintenance. and you will need to do maintenance as you use it.

But if not then I hope someone that lives close will help.


I think I would add that in my opinion the assembly instructions may be the best ones I’ve ever seen compared to other put -it- together kit projects. I’d try and assemble it first and then ask for help if you need it.


Hello Colleen, If I lived in Virginia I’d happily come and help you, but you’d have to send plane tickets. If I was going to build one for hire, I’d charge around $350…maybe even more.

Seriously though, those other guys are right, assembly is not difficult. X-Carve is as capable as many other CNC machines. It’s the build it yourself aspect that keep the cost down. But building it yourself also goes a long way toward teaching you how to use the machine too.

If you are worried that building the machine will damage your brain, overtax your schedule, or strain your relationship, you may find the same worries prevent you from using the machine too. Whether you build an X-Carve or buy one of the fancier machines already made, they are jealous mistresses and you have to be prepared to lavish them with attention and shower them with gifts.