Looking for Someone to Setup X Carve in Dallas/Fort Worth..Will Pay

Would love to make sure my machine gets setup correctly and that it doesn’t get broken in the process (If I do it myself. :). Anybody in Dallas/Fort Worth willing to put together and get paid?

Welcome to the forum Colin,
I see this question asked every couple months on the forum. Most of the time the person asking the question will wind up putting the machine together. The instructions that Inventables has for putting the X-Carve together is great, its step by step instructions and you will learn so much about the machine and what it can do while putting it together. When you have a problem just ask it on the forum and you will get someone to help. Good luck in finding someone to build it but if you don’t just remember you can always build it yourself.


hello collin my name is johan mota i live in houston texas if you want help with archives and practice here i will be?