Looking for T-Slot Nuts. Please...HELP ME!

Hello friends. I’m crazy looking for the nuts that I found in the parcel when I mounted my X-carve.
They were similar to those I attached in the picture but had 4 legs.
I have to mount side panels I’m looking for these nuts because I can put them in the track without disassembling it laterally.
I could not find them in the Inventables shop.
Please, help me.



Wow Phil your just a wealth of great ideas and listing of things. :smiley:

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4? I have not seen 4.
I have seen 2

Or use the drop in nuts so you don’t have to disassemble things.

Under extrusions

These are the ones I’ve been using too. Very easy to insert and remove.

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Thank you to all :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I founded this in Italy:

CNBTR 30 Pezzi 20 Serie Europea M5 Filettatura Primavera Di T Nut Blocco