Looking for the right material for a product idea

I’m not sure I’m in the right place. I have a concept for a product and am searching for the right material. Central to the idea is a hoop (think of a hula hoop) that is about 36 in diameter. The key is that when hung up it needs to support 8-10 lb from the bottom without bending greatly out of shape. If this is possible, about how much might such a piece weigh? I realize this is not about x-carve but perhaps someone can give me a lead. Thanks!

cross grained laminated wood? or maybe steam bent white oak?

What would your inner diameter be?

i would sugest something like apple ply, just a fine plywood. where normal 3/4 has about 5 plys, it might have 9 or 11, and the plys are almost blemish free. creates a nice finished edge as apossed to rugular plywood, and strong as all hell, and of course resists warping. thats if you want the wood grain look.

@LynnBrant, I would look at steel or aluminium rod or tubing and have a metal shop make the loop for you, easy and cheap. Steel will be stronger, aluminium will be lighter.

I’d look into UHMW.

If you don’t want to use metal then I would build a former with the correct ID and lots of holes you can put C clamps in. then laminate up layers of your favorite wood in thin layers that will go around the former and stagger the joints. glue it up with a good wood glue or epoxy. If the cross section need to be round then set up a router with the correct size round over bit and route the ID and OD on both sides.


Epoxy would be the better bet since PVA wood glue will allow creep over time especially with a point load like what the original post describes. I agree with the staggered joints too.

Do you want a flat ring, or would a vertical cross-section (basically a very short cylinder) work? Better yet combining the two (L or T cross-section) would give you a lot of stiffness in any material.