Looking for tips and tricks

Hello all! My Xcarve 1000x1000 will be here in a few days. Are there any adds ons or customizations that you all have found useful? And are there any crucial Do’s and Don’ts with an Xcarve? Just trying to save some headaches here. Thank you! Happy carving.

9 mm wide, 3 mm pitch belts.

Y-axis stiffeners.

Linear rail Z-axis.

Search around, lots of options for all.

If you want to look at a lot of videos using Easel you could start here. Welcome

Quality of life:
One project I’d tackle right away would be a Tool Storage System of some sorts.
Next is a Router Relay to automatically have it turn on/off when a job has started/ended.
Since the 110V IoT wasn’t compatible with my 220V Region I had to use an appropriately sized SSR.

One step further:
I’d recommend to familiarize yourself with Autodesk Fusion360 instead of Inventables Easel - Sure… It’ll take a bit longer to get into it but IMHO the long-term payoff is off the scale when compared to Easel.

Take a look at this Video of someone using an ⅛" Bit to mill Aluminium at 5mm DoC ( 157% the Bit diameter! ) AND at blinding speeds too. The machine he uses is pretty much junk but with the right CAM, like the one from Fusion360, even his can do stuff Easel users can only dream of.

The very basic:
Last thing, and probably the most important, would be to get to understand Chip-Load ( and the interconnected Feeds / Speeds ) and while you may not be able to reach the same values with an X-Carve it still gives you a ballpark where to start with preventing you from turning a 15min job into a 1.5h one cough