Looking for tips on what laptop to purchase ( new cnc buyer)

So I am in the process of buying an x carve, and I can’t seem to find any information on what laptop or pc I should purchase, I want to be able to run all the programs to design engravings for the x carve, I see that most people have a desktop for design and then a laptop to run the machine, I’m looking to use one for both, also don’t want to break bank does anyone have any tips on what laptap/ desktop I can use?

any current model will do honestly. Depends how intricate your designs will be. For signs etc. you don’t need a super powerful pc. Anything current i5 or higher should do but bigger is always better.

If you’re using any software for creating models/plans other than Easel, check it’s Minimum Requirements.

… But to be honest, unless it’s something more complex than Fusion 360, any computer that will run Windows10 should easily handle any consumer grade CAD/CAM without blinking. Even Aspire will run easily on machines that were standard a decade ago.

Bought a cheapo Dell laptop from BBuy for 210.00. I only run UGS Platform on it.
I run Vcarve Pro on my Desktop for design and save the gcode files down to a thumb drive.


I visited my local pawn shops and found a nice little Dell 3558 Laptop for $125.00 with windows 10 and touchscreen.

I would suggest a visit to your local pawn dealers and see what they have.

I wiped the hard drive and did a fresh install of windows 10 to take it back to factory condition. Didn’t take too long, and wasn’t hard to do at all.

I use it as a dedicated laptop in the shop for the X Carve, and run Fusion 360, Aspire, Lightburn, F Engrave, PhotoVCarve, UGS, Inkscape, and just everything else I want or need.

Pawn shops can be a great resource for used computers. It seems that when people get desperate, and in need of cash, their laptop may be one of the most valuable things they have, so they pawn it. Most that I’ve seen are in excellent to near new condition, young aged, and perfect for CNC usage!