Looking for user experiences with g-code sending/control devices for the X-Controller

I’ve had my X-Carve machine for about a week now, and I am ready to get my laptop out of the workshop. I do all my design work in my office (currently using Easel) and I’d like a way to download the g-code to a standalone device (not a laptop or tablet) to send code to the X-Controller. Does anyone have personal experience with a solution that works well for them? Is there implementation documentation available specific to the X-Carve platform? I need a reliable solution as this is in a production environment and is not a “hobby” machine.

Thanks in advance for your insight and for sharing your experience.


You could configure a raspberry pi and use your laptop in the office as a host and control it remotely.

You could change out the Xcontroller to a different cnc controller that allows the types of controls you desire, the NightHawk controller from CNC3D allows the user to send the gcode over wifi to the controller and then using the wifi start or stop the sending of the file. The file is not sent live over the wifi as there is too many issues with possibility of the wifi loosing connection. This controller also has a MicroSD slot so you could transfer the gcode to the card in your office and plug in the card and then run off of that without even using the wifi connection…

I know many other users use the OpenBuilds Black Box controller as well and combined with their touch interface (an additional accessory) it can be operated offline via a usb thumb drive similarly to the microSD function of the NightHawk.

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I looked at the OpenBuilds Black Box, and I must say it looks like a great solution when matched with the touch interface and 3-axis probe option. Very disappointed at this point to see what other vendors’ offerings and functionality is, compared to what you get with the X-carve machine.

Feels like for what we pay for an X-carve, we should be getting more built-in capability based on what I am seeing out in the marketplace at this price point.