Looking for X-carve contractor

I operate an outdoor preschool and kindergarten. Part of our curriculum is building small projects. Examples are a child toolbox, a glider, various wooden toys, etc. I am planning on buying an x-carve eventually but in the meantime, I would like to contract with someone to create the parts for projects. For example, I would like to purchase 12 sets of components for, say, a toolbox. The components wouldn’t need to be sanded necessarily. The components would be shipped to me and I would help the children assemble them. I am interested in finding an x-carve owner that would be interested in collaborating with me on this. This person and I would talk and agree on a price per project. Thanks for the help. Marty

Where are you located?

Let me know where you are located and i would be glad to talk to you.

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If you would like to talk PM me.

Wayne, I don’t know how to PM in this forum. How bout I give you my number and then I’ll edit the post and delete it?

Just click on my name and you should see a box that says message.

Hi Marty,

My name is Devlin, I own and operate DevlinLee Designs. I have an X carve 1000mmx1000mm and Im looking to put it to use. DevlinLeeDesigns.com

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