Looking fpr X-Carve 1000mm in Central Texas

Looking for a good, used X-Carve 1000mm setup that won’t break the bank. Central TX but willing to travel.

What is your time frame? I am looking to upgrade my 1000mm and will have most of my existing machine up for sale shortly. You would need an electronics package a waste board and a router as I plan on using them with the upgrade.

I’m not in any hurry. Please keep me posted on your progress. Where are you located and can you send pics ?

OK. My turn. I’m looking for 1000mm in Central TX too. In Austin area but willing to travel.


DFW area here. I have one, or I should say most of one, but it will take a lot of remediation to get working again.

Original generation so the two separate part extrusions for main gantry, original eccentric nuts, NEMA motors without pigtails, narrow belt and original belt attach. Does have the drag chain, limit switch stops, upgraded to the Dewalt router Z axis (which I’d include with it). ORIGINAL power supply and Arduino-based control - looks like I waited too long to be able to upgrade to the X controller. Missing is the wasteboard, or if it’s still in the garage I’m sure it’s warped by now.

I suffered ‘failure to launch’ basically. Used it maybe 20 hours at most, didn’t do a great job affixing it to a good level table just had it set on a crap workbench. Spent a little time trying to work out dust collection myself saying I couldn’t really use it until that was managed, then other projects got to the point where I had to move it out of the garage, and … it never went back. I’d assume at this point all belts need replaced (or at least re-tensioned). I do think I did a good job ‘building’ it, I upgraded all the wiring buying longer hookup wire of the next guage ‘down’ (bigger) and made sure I had some slack to where I just had my PSU and the controller mounted to a sheet of pegboard with terminal blocks to make attachment easier. But as it’s been carried into a storage room (inside, upstairs) without any board attached I’m sure it’s all out of alignment now. But I don’t think I could have actually bent any of the metal parts.

Let me know if interested, since now that the Pro is out I don’t see any replacement parts for these available anymore.

Hey Jeremy,
I’m about to post my X-Carve 1000mm for sale and I’m in Spicewood just outside Austin. It’s only 1.5 yrs old works great and comes with all accessories. $1600. Let me know if interested.

Hi. I am looking to buy a used one. When will you be ready to part ways? What will be included?

Dan I have a new one in the box still. A health issue has changed my focus. Let me know

I have a complete machine with extra bits. It’s never been out of the box, health issues are causing me to change my focus.

Kurt I have a new 1000 with everything plus a few bit sets. It has never been opened. A family health issue has forced me to give up this dream.

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